The Moon separates from the Earth: astronomers confirm that our satellite is moving further away every year

The Earth’s natural satellite has some secrets that most people are unaware of

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The Moon is the next destination for NASA’s Artemis mission , but it also has its own share of curiosities. We know how long it takes to go to the Moon and why it is sometimes observed during the day . Furthermore, now we are going to explain to you the reason why the Moon is moving away from us.

A new curiosity from our satellite

You may be finding out right now, but the Moon has not always been at the distance it is now from Earth, which is estimated to be about 384,000 kilometers. In fact, when the Moon ended up accompanying the Earth, 1,400 million years ago, it is believed that it was only 22,500 kilometers from our planet.

You will be able to understand, therefore, that the satellite has been progressively moving away and that this has meant important variations in life on Earth. However, at what rate is the Moon moving away and how is this phenomenon possible?

Answering the first question, astronomers estimate that the Moon is moving away from our planet at a rate of 3.78 centimeters per year , which implies that the radius of its orbit increases over time.

And this happens due to Newton’s Third Law , which described simply would be explained as that for every action there is an equal reaction and in the opposite direction. Our planet rotates, but it does so at a slower speed, due to the force of friction of seas and oceans. And since the Moon and Earth are gravitationally linked , our planet affects the satellite.

That is why as the Earth rotates more slowly, the Moon rotates faster. This increase causes an increase in the centrifugal force , which pulls the satellite out of its orbit, which means that it separates further and further from the Earth.

Of course, there is no need to worry , given that at the current rate of distancing the effects on the Earth would take billions of years to appear , something that would happen even later than the conversion of the Sun into a red dwarf, which will end up engulfing to much of the Solar System, including Earth and the Moon.

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