He wants to be the protagonist! Roberto Mosquera with a view to the first UCV title: “Vallejo has to be great”

Coach Roberto Mosquera assured that “the time has come” for UCV to fight for League 1 against the “big teams.”

The coach of the César Vallejo University ( UCV ), Roberto Mosquera , shared his desire to fight for the League 1 title in this 2024 season. As he indicated, if the ‘poet’ team wants to be great, it has to win championships.

Strong and clear!

A few days after debuting in the national competition , the strategist assured that “the time has come” for the UCV to fight for the upper hand against the “big teams.” 

“It is unavoidable not to think about a title. A time has come in which Vallejo has to move on to the big teams and to be big you have to have cups,” he expressed.

In that sense, Mosquera revealed that Vallejo overcame the sports crisis last season after a frank meeting he had with the soccer players , where he emphasized the optimal conditions that the sports institution grants them so that they can perform satisfactorily on the field of play. .

“We arrived in a situation that was a bit adverse for the team, but I think we knew how to change course and it was surprising to go to the Sudamericana. We had to get that caste out of the players, make them see that not all teams have the best sports headquarters, that they do not “Everyone has the best sports clothing, not everyone has a Villa Poeta,” he explained.

Finally, he gave an account of his roadmap for 2024 . “Now, with more organization, we are thinking of passing the South American round as our first objective. It is important that Vallejo is in international tournaments. God willing that at the end of the tournament we are in the first places and fight for the championship,” he said. 

As recalled, César Vallejo and Alianza Lima will begin the 2024 season facing each other on the first day of League 1. In search of starting the contest on the right foot, ‘intimates’ and ‘poets’ will come out for a good result this Sunday, the 28th January at 08:00 pm, at the National Stadium in Lima .

With a view to this duel, the 67-year-old coach praised ‘AL’. “It is always good to play with the best. Alianza comes from three good years and has strengthened itself very well, but we are going to arrive prepared,” he mentioned.

In this way, coach Roberto Mosquera assured that “the time has come” for UCV to fight for League 1 against the “big teams.” 

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