AELIP met in Huelva with Doctor Rodriguez

The International Association of Relatives and People Affected by Lipodystrophies, AELIP, met in Huelva with Dr. Pilar Rodriguez, a leading professional in this province in the management of patients with Lipodystrophies.  AELIP wanted to take advantage of the meeting that it organized on November 14 at 4:30 p.m. at the Moguer Social Services Center in … Read more

SATSE Murcia warns that it is urgent to address the reclassification of nurses and physiotherapists into a single Group A

The Nursing Union values ​​the commitment expressed by the Minister of Health to study the Union’s demand to end the employment and professional discrimination suffered by nurses and physiotherapists. The Nursing Union, SATSE, warns that it is urgent for the Ministry and Departments of Health to address a “pending issue” for more than twelve years, … Read more

Doctor Ernesto Romero is dedicated to regenerative medicine in Mexico

Regenerative medicine is an innovative area of ​​medicine that has demonstrated effective potential in cell regeneration and comprehensively improving the quality of life of patients. This field focuses on the development and application of advanced therapies, aimed at regenerating, repairing or replacing damaged or dysfunctional tissues in the human body. In Mexico, Dr. Ernesto Romero López is … Read more

The properties of ashwagandha and turmeric, trendy nutritional supplements

More than 4,000 years ago, a complete system of traditional medicine was born in India that, in its essence, remains to this day. Ayurveda , or “science of life,” combines the use of plants, proper nutrition, purification and a positive lifestyle to, according to tradition, restore balance within the body . Naturally, this type of holistic medicine has evolved … Read more