Another pandemic? Chinese laboratory creates a strain of Covid-19 more lethal than the original

It was recently revealed that a Chinese laboratory created a strain of Covid-19 even more lethal than the original, which generated a pandemic four years ago.

The scientific community is extremely concerned after it was revealed that a Chinese laboratory created a deadly strain of Covid-19 with a higher fatality rate than the one that generated a pandemic four years ago.

This study was carried out in Beijing , where scientists created a new strain in a laboratory . Named GX_P2V, it has demonstrated a 100% mortality rate in mice , which were genetically modified to simulate humans.


GX -P2V is a mutant variant of the coronavirus discovered in Malayan pangolins last 2017 . Although this disease only affects animals, its modification could leave consequences in people, although the latter has not been confirmed.

This virus killed the infected mice in just eight days , and was shown to strongly affect the lungs, bones, eyes, trachea and brain.

Potential pandemic risk

When the news broke, epidemiological experts such as Francois Balloux , a member of University College London , and Dr. Gennadi Glinsky of Stanford University strongly criticized the experimentation with different strains of the coronavirus.

Glinksy even compared this discovery to the research practices developed in Wuhan prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This madness must stop before it is too late,” he expressed on his social networks.

Did China hide Covid-19?

Recently, an investigation by the American media ‘ The Wall Street Journal’ revealed to the world a disturbing fact: Chinese researchers isolated information on the Covid-19 virus for two weeks before reporting it to the WHO.

The documents show that a Chinese researcher in Beijing uploaded a complete sequence of the disease structure to a database that was managed by the United States government on December 28, 2019.

At that time, the disease was described as a ‘viral pneumonia of unknown cause’ , which prevented the development of prevention measures in Wuhan and other cities in China.

The Chinese would only share the information with the WHO on January 11, 2020 , setting off health alarms around the globe.

It is worth mentioning that the document in question does not indicate the origin of the virus, also ruling out the theory that it was created in a laboratory or that it arose from an animal mutation. 

A Chinese laboratory has set off alarm bells in the global scientific community, as it created a strain of Covid-19 that is more lethal than the original.

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